tiny!  medium!  gigantic! 

Dev Harlan
Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong
Jayoung Yoon

EIGHTEEN is an exhibition of three artists working in sculpture, installation and transformation over time. The title of the show references the spatial concept of Usagi Gallery; architect Sou Fujimoto’s design is based on eighteen movable panels that divide, striate and give impermeability to the space. In EIGHTEEN, the panels are used not as surfaces to display 2D work, but as interventions in space that divide time.

Sculpture is investigated as a substrate to experience time– through motorized kinetics, video projection or dynamic shadows. Here, the sequence of artworks  reframe our perception of time.

Usagi Gallery
163 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn, New York
Opening: Thursday, September 15th, 7-10pm
On view: September 15 – October 14th