A collaborative project by Henna-Riikka Halonen and Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong.

6-9PM // Thursday, August 24, 2017 ++ One day only ++
@ Triangle Arts Association, 20 Jay Street #317 + #318, Dumbo, Brooklyn NY 11201

Constructed as a multi-dimensional, domestic proposition, with spaces within spaces, Pinch, Fold, Cut, Line creates a disorienting, ever-expanding and warped environment woven with vignettes. Setting up a tension between texts such as Natalie Sarraute’s ‘Tropisms’ and Christopher Alexander’s ‘A Pattern Language’, Pinch, Fold, Cut, Line disables the audience’s normative perception of events, materials and spaces in order to present new modes of being and seeing.

The nuances, particularities, connotations of each built, architectural space of the home– how one is supposed to interact in shared or private rooms, how sex and race politics are embedded in domestic objects and space– is explored and challenged. It’s a kind of proposition for living in an awkward age, a diorama for difficulties that must be overcome in order to explore the limits of living spaces, human relationships and behavior.

Holes in the narratives allow for circulation between spaces and times, and disrupt typical boundaries in this porous space that the audience is invited to freely engage with. In this world, images and objects look at us. They no longer simply represent things, but actively intervene in everyday life. Stories are told and words go missing. In Pinch, Fold, Cut, Line, this set of diverse elements share the desire to dismantle structures and divisions, yet suggest alliances for a new kind of logic.