Location: Inglewood City Hall North Plaza 101 W. Manchester, Inglewood, California


Opening: Friday, March 27, 2015 at 7pm

Programs on Friday evenings at 7pm and Saturday afternoons at 12pm. Performative Construction on Sundays. All events are free and open to the public.


Inglewood Urbanstage: Construction as Performance is a month-long architectural sculpture, construction performance and panel series by artist/architect Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong. Composed of wooden modules, Urbanstage is reconstructed once every week, for four weeks, to produce four distinct iterations of transformative architecture. Urbanstage will be activated weekly by curated civic conversations and workshops focused on urban issues in Inglewood and Los Angeles: transportation, Autopia, Surfurbia and water in LA, urban development and shared futures based on food, culture, and diversity.


Beginning on March 22, Wong and her team will install the first of four sculptural cycles. Each cycle will feature a different spatial configuration, intended to generate different discussions and modes of social interaction. The four Urbanstage cycles include the Amphitheatre, Transverse, Labyrinthian and Longtable. These forms, each installed for one week, explore how the architecture of shared space can impact our urban conversations. The performers will then shift the same modules to create the other renditions of the outdoor wooden sculpture.

Wong has curated a list of artists, urban planners, architects, and community art activists as part of her performed sculpture. The first week of programs focuses on Inglewood and the following weeks’ programs are opened up to include broader urban issues of Los Angeles.


About the City of Inglewood’s Growing Artists Projects (I-GAP) Program

Inglewood UrbanStage is a temporary public artwork created as part of the City of Inglewood’s Growing Artists Projects (I-GAP). I-GAP is a City program harnessing the work and thinking of professional artists to enhance the city’s civic canvas. Inglewood’s Cultural Arts Master Plan guides the program intent and function. 




March 27-28


April 3-4


April 10-11


April 17-18